Why should kids play with dolls?

When people think of a gift for little girls, they usually think of a doll. You can not go to a toy store without seeing a hundred doll options for girls. This is because it is beneficial for children to play with dolls. And, not only for girls ... All children can benefit, boys too! Psst ... There are styles of dolls more suited to their tastes like dolls boys!

Playing with a doll ... It's great for your minis!

There are many benefits to playing with dolls. And when your child grows up; these benefits change. But one thing remains the same: your child develops his skills when he plays with dolls. 

For toddlers, a doll suitable for their age: 

  • Provides comfort and calms them
  • improves their motor and social skills
  • helps your child learn to manipulate objects
  • Inspires to use their imagination by inventing new ways to play with their doll
  • allows them to learn more about caring for their doll, teaching compassion and altruism.
  • leads to the development and improvement of the child's motor skills by learning to move the doll, cover it with a blanket etc.
  • develop language because they make good efforts to chat with their doll. It's perfect for improving their communication skills.

For preschoolers, the doll offers a host of other benefits:

  • It improves their social skills, interacting with the doll and other children.
  • It allows them to develop their creativity by creating imaginary scenarios for their dolls.
  • It encourages them to understand the impact of actions and develop important strengths, such as empathy for others. They develop the ability to see beyond themselves
  • And finally, the doll teaches them to share and use their imagination.

With all these advantages, would not you want your child, girl or boy, to play with dolls?