Machine wash in cold water, or by hand.

To protect the colours, place the dolls and blankets in a pillowcase. Use liquid soap. Set the machine to the program for delicate items, with little spin.


To avoid possible stains, please wash after use. Depending on the type of fabric and the washable markers used, washable markers could stain the textile. The risks are increased if the ink stays on the fabric for a long time.

Rinse the stained clothing with hot water if you notice the stain prior to washing it in the washing machine.

Place the stained clothing into the washing machine and add an appropriate amount of laundry detergent for the size of the wash load. Set the washing machine to a heavily soiled cycle with hot water. Allow the wash cycle to proceed through approximately 10 minutes of the cycle and then interrupt it. Drain the water out from the washing machine.

If textile is stained, allow the clothing to soak for 1 hour. Drain the water from the washing machine after one hour. Wash the clothing again using regular laundry detergent and hot water.  If the stain remains, wash again.