quality and warranty

imaginami products are lovingly crafted in Canada. Each product is handmade with care and attention. We offer durable and safe products. The well being of your children is important to us.

materials and crafting

We source locally and manufacturing is either done in our workshop or with a local network of experienced seamstresses and tailors.

The stuffing used for our dolls is made in Canada and uses only new materials. Textile printing is performed in Quebec and the inks used for printing are water-based.


The products are suitable for all ages but the vigilance of an adult with a child who manipulates a toy is always required.

As the safety of your little ones is important to us, we did test our products by Intertek, an independent laboratory that is recognized worldwide. Our products have also have experienced and successful resistance and flammability tests and pass the Canadian, U.S. and European standards for toys dedicated to the child of less than three years.


Our products are carefully inspected during the manufacture and preparation for shipping, but a manufacturing defect could appear during the use.

If during normal use, an imaginami product proves to be defective, stop using the product and contact us at the hello@imaginami.co. The product could be repaired or replaced.